Thursday, February 17, 2011

dude , thats call love !


you dont love her ? you've got to be kiddin me right ? HAHA .

GUYS attention ! theres a tip for you :)

1) when eveytime you saw a girl that makes your beat faster , dude , thats means you DO LOVE her :)
2) when a girl can make you nervous , its LOVE :)
3)when you saw her , you become clumsy and try to impress her , yeah , LOVE again :)
4)when a girl can make you smile every single day , whenever she's not with you , its LOVE ♥
5) when a girl can make you cry , you DO REALLY² love her man !
6)when a girl can make you BE A BETTER person
, you hope you will be with her :)

SO GUYS , do express your feels to the girls that you have crushed for :)
myb you will say , ' hey , dont you think its too earlier to
confess ?' 'but , how if she thinks im crazy?' ' do i need to tell her ?' 'im shy'

come on dude , that okay if take the first move . TIME doenst wait for us . if you choose the right time to confessed your feeling , i hope you will gonna make it .
you will be regret if dont tell her HOW MUCH YOU LOVE HER , HOW MUCH YOU NEED HER , when you cant make it to do so .

what a waste . and I guess , you just afraid to yourself to accept the rejection right ? but , as a man , and if you really love her , you should ACCEPT and just let the girl . then , the girl will realised that ACTLLY , you ARE THE GUY !

so , just make your first move :)

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