Tuesday, February 22, 2011

That time of night

I know what it feels like to be lying in bed at night , surrounded by the complete darkness that fills your room , staring at the ceiling and trying to block out all your painful thoughts . that time of night when everyone has gone to sleep , except for you , and the house completely silent . That time of night where you can hear your heartbeat faster and faster as it starts to race , whilst your eyes begin to fill with tears .

when you start to feel that tightness in your chest and bite your lip , as you try to hold in all your emotions . That time of night when you feel completely alone , and like nothing could get any worse . When you all want to do is disappear and cry . When can you hear your thoughts ringing in your ears , as everything that you have held in that day starts to surface . When you lie there shaking , wishing that you had someone to hold you , and the pain would go away . That time of night where your sadness consumes you , and you become vulnerable . That time of night , when you are not only a danger to everyone around you , but to yourself as well .

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