Tuesday, March 8, 2011

heartbroken enough dont you think ?

Damn I can’t believe this
You couldn’t even step to me
But yet you could do this to me
How could this be
That you could lie to me
Say that you still feel me
But you kill me
Not physically but emotionally
Where I take longer to heal
And to you it may not be a big deal
But how I feel is real
And I hurt
Because you wouldn’t let us work
Did I deserve this
This can’t be the end
When I thought we’d just begun
And I see that I’ve won
For I am as empty as when I started
Except I am dealing with these feelings
Of hurt and of pain
And it is all a shame
For lack of a better name
This game
That we play
In which I love you more everyday
And even though I say I’m ok
We both know
Because it does show
Brighter than a glow
In ratio with my love
And everlasting affection
For you will always be in my heart
As you were from the start
And maybe we will start
Over and try again
And I let you in to win
My love for now
For then
For always

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