Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How Love Hurts

You told me that you loved me, you told me that you always will. Then one
night as I sit home waiting for you to call I heard that you didn't want me
and that you went out with your old girlfriend. As I heard this the tears
just wouldn't stop falling. Then you called me and I asked you about and you
started to yell at me. As you yelled I could feel my heart break into.

To me it was so perfect, to me it was going fine, i never thought i'd lose you i thought you'd always be mine.How come i never noticed, how come i couldn't see, that you were changing your mind, the way you felt about me.We could of worked it out, we could of talked it through, but you left it so long, there was only one thing you could do. You tried to tell me nicely, you asked me if i'd cry, but my heart just tore apart, as i let out a sigh. We hugged for the last time, and i didn't wanna let go, but i finally pulled away as i told myself no ! i held in my tears i began to walk away, when people asked what happened, i had nothing else to say, except "ï wanna be alone, and i don't wanna talk," so i went around the corner, and went for a little walk. i decided to sit down, as i felt my eyes go red, i gazed at the floor, in my hands i held my head. The tears poured down my face, as i asked myself why,why did it happen, why did he lie. I didn't wanna believe it, yet i knew it was so true, that we were definatly over, that you and i wre through, I still can't believe, you expected me to guess, when i had no idea, i was totally clueless !

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