Thursday, April 21, 2011


I’ll admit it, I can get jealous. I’m just scared that you’ll find someone better than me. It’s not the fact that I want you to myself, but I just keep thinking somehow you’ll abandon me. I feel like I give you so much attention and you give me so little. So as soon as you start talking to someone else, it sort of does have an impact on me. Ever notice how when you’re with someone and I’m there too, I tend to just play on my phone or ipod? That’s because I don’t want my eyes to focus on you two. I don’t want to see you getting closer to someone because that makes me feel like you’re getting further away from me. I’m sorry, I know my jealousy can get bad. But I just value so much so I guess I have to learn to respect whatever you do as much as it hurts me inside.

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