Sunday, April 24, 2011

something wrong with me , WHEN ______

  1. My smile just doesn’t reach my eyes.
  2. Sit there starring at something for the longest time.
  3. Look up and continuously blink.
  4. Give a heavy sigh and shake my head.
  5. Only smile when something’s hilarious.
  6. Sit while Hugging my knees.
  7. Mindlessly Scribble
  8. Completely alone not even attempting to be with someone
  9. Rest my head on your shoulder

Now here are the reasons why :

  1. You can tell exactly how I’m feeling by just looking in my eyes. If my smile Doesn’t reach my eyes, I’m not genuinely happy.
  2. I’m thinking about what just happened.
  3. I’m trying to stop myself from crying about it.
  4. I’m mentally beating myself up for thinking about it, so I shake my head trying to forget it for the moment.
  5. I laugh at everything, if it’s hilarious and I don’t even laugh? Something is DEFINITELY wrong.
  6. I’m trying to keep myself together and not break down.
  7. I’m trying to focus on anything other then whats on my mind.
  8. I hate being alone. If I am, I’m hurting inside.
  9. I’m looking for comfort. Put your arm around me please, because in a few seconds, I’m about to give in and just cry.

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