Thursday, May 26, 2011

It amazes us how happy we are with someone we find and love at such a young age . How when even in the mere ages of a teenager, we find the one we want to be with forever .

Though, with every bliss moments come tough obstacles . Most of them revolving around: doubt . Where everyone around you, is striving for the both of you to fail . Where everyone around you, is telling you constantly that you’re just naive and you don’t know what love is . You start to give in, “Maybe they’re right .”

But then just when you feel like you should wait and grow up a little more, a light comes through and gives you a reason to love . You know, it’s that one person that when they walked in the room - clocks were spinning and you felt like the objects around you were frozen and were frightened to move by the presence of such a wondrous being .

Your engaging conversations turn into 10 hour moments of arguing about who should hang up first or who loves each other more . Your hours turn into days of smiles being lifted upon your faces, as if a puppeteer above you is forcing it but you need not fight it . Every moment spent with each other felt better than the last and every moment you two are apart, makes you miss each other more .

This one person changed your perspective on everything and gave you hope that you will never let slip away from your fingers . You start to be a little skeptic about the situation, “maybe it’s just infatuation ?” But face it, you’re in love, you like it, and there’s nothing you or the world can do about it .

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