Monday, May 9, 2011

to my dearest umi ♥

SELAMAT HARI IBU KEPADE SEMUA IBU² di luar saneee , especially to my beloved♥ mom , PUAN ROSIDAH DARSAN .

you are the most PRECIOUS thing that i've ever have . one and only that always in my heart mom . maybe im not as good as anyone else . i know that ive done so many things to you . im just a daughter that hiding my depression . I'm a teenager pushing her tears aside .

Dear mom ,
I may not like you always . We may have arguments and fight sometimes , but theres one thing that you should know I LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER last but not least , im so sorry for all that i've done . iloveyou umi ♥♥ and for me , everyday is always mothers day . we dont need any specific day or date to celebrate our mom . we should appreciate our mom everyday .

Mother's hold their children's hands for a short while , but their hearts forever .

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