Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Best FEELING in The World

The best feelings in the world: sleeping late, having no homework, being liked/loved back, hugs that last more than a minute, first swim of the summer, a smile from that special someone, laughing till my stomach hurts, getting unexepted gifts, not remembering when you last cried, getting a 100 for a test you didn't study for, when he texts you first, making a perfect photograph, knowing you are loved, being called beautiful, finding those jeans that fit perfectly, making a stranger smile, eating seedless grapes, putting on sweatpants after wearing jeans all day, making new friends, when someone tells you smell nice, winning an argument, proving a smart person wrong, falling asleep in his arms, when people laugh at your jokes, getting a friendship bracelet/necklace, finding out the name of the song stuck in you head, first day of vacation, the first time you tell someone you love them and they feel the same way.

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