Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One and Only nurul amira bt. shamsuddin

You're the one and only .
You are one of my top chart .
You're the light when Im in the dark .
You're my shoulder when I want to lay on .
You're my happines when Im sad .
You're a person that I couldnt describe's with those beautiful words .
I've just loveyou my dearest NURUL AMIRA BT. SHAMSUDDIN♥
Thx for being my good friend till now :)
Appreciate all your kind deeds to me .
Appreciate all your time that you have spent for me .
Appreciate your heart that completely accept me as one of your friend in this world .

** air mate aku bocor mase buat entry ni . tk tahu kenape . nk gam , takut mate terus tk bole bukak . nk salotape , gunting tk jumpe --'
aku biarkan je air mate aku bocor , dah membazir dah se-tong . aku harap talian SYABAS tk potong bil air rumah aku . eh kejap ! ape kena-mengena bil air dgn air mate aku bocor ?
SAH , aku mmg dlm emosi smpi nk tulis pun , mcm harammm --'

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